Saturday, March 2, 2013

Not Your Average Mission Call Opening

I asked for the night off the Wednesday I thought I would receive my call. I worked in the morning I thought I would receive it. The moment I was off, I raced home. Took a shower, did my hair, and anxiously waited for the mail man. I waited in the Raintree office, talking to the office people, and walked around in circles. 
The mail man was here, the moment he walked in the door, he crushed my spirit. I fell to the floor and my eyes started to swell up with tears. Brandon, so kindly lifted me up and gave me a cookie. I had o text everyone to let them know I didn't receive it. It was heart breaking.
Thursday rolled around, I was at worked when I receive the phone call. I took my fifteen minute break, and saw I had a voicemail from a number I didn't know. I listened to it, and it said that I had a package waiting for my in the office. I JUST KNEW IT WAS MY CALL!! 
I called my best friend, was racing up and down the back room, and was acting frantic. I still had 4 hours left at work! How was I suppose to survive.
I texted everyone that it was here, then I stopped. I realize I was suppose to receive a real package, so I called Raintree, and asked if it was a Mission Call, and it was. I asked if someone could pick it up for me. 
Joe didn't have class so he graciously went to my apartment office and picked it up. I walked all around the store. Mostly the front door, I wasn't the most patient person. I kept asking my co-worker, "Where is he?". I was dying! I wasn't, but I felt like it.
Then he came. Call in hand. I raced to him and ripped it from his hands. I wasn't too nice. 
I just stared at it. It was in my hands, oh my goodness gracious, the next 18 months of my life was in that folder. Not really, but it held the place where I was going to live. Before hand, Joe had group texted his family. They all told him their guesses.
I desperately wanted to open my call, but I knew I couldn't. I had to wait to read it in front of everyone. So, I made Joe open it. It was a ball, you should have been there. I kept taking it from him, giving it back to him, taking it from him... and so forth. I only wanted to know when I was leaving. That is the only information he was allowed to give me. 
I ran and got a pair of scissors and opened it for him. I turned around and kept asking when, he kept telling me that he hasn't gotten to that part yet. Then he told me to guess,  I said June, then he said no, May, nope that wasn't it either. Finally, July, he said no, it's closer. MARCH 20th! WHAT?!?! March is exactly what I wanted. Holy smokes! 
I couldn't help but smile and hug him. We calculated the time I had to prepare, 42 days I had. I am now down to the teens, 18 days
I kept trying to pound the destination out of him, all he gave me was that it was state-side (which I wanted also) and that one of his family members guessed it. 
After work, and staring at my opened and taped up envelope. I raced to my best friends work, as I was driving, I was trying to peak at my assignment. I secretly didn't want to know, but I felt horrible when I thought I was going to Oklahoma. Because I didn't want to know that way.  I ran up to her and we just hugged and giggled, we couldn't believe it was here. I told her she can read it.
She read it and told me that she was jealous, oh man, now I had million places running through my mind.
Joe was tutoring. I told him to race over because I couldn't wait any longer. He came, we all sat down. I couldn't do it. So I held it up and then searched that way. I hit Joe, because he guessed it earlier that morning. 
I was heading to Saint George Utah
It felt so right, and was coming up so soon. Joe and I headed to a flag shop and picked up an Utah flag. We headed to my apartment and people started to arrive. When everyone arrived, I started to read my letter. I didn't get past Utah until everyone started to shout. I was overwhelmed with love and happiness. I knew that is where I was suppose to serve and I can't wait to serve my Heavenly Father.

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