Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh dear! I am so incredibly blessed to be serving as a missionary in the Utah St. George mission. I am been spoiled way more than I deserve. It's true God blesses you as you serve him with exact obedience. 

We had a lot of appointments cancel on us this week but our back up plans just happened to be more successful. We ended up heading to Fredonia earlier Monday night than we planned and decided to map out the area. We went to contact a referral and the house didn't even exist so we went to a house that had a similar house number, it didn't end up to be who we were looking for but they let us in their home. As we were talking to them we found out who they were and the Spirit reminded me something about them. They are a less-active family that hasn't let in any home teachers or visiting teachers in for years. They let us in and talked to us for about 20 minutes, it was truly a miracle that God blessed us with. 

We did a service project for a lady in Fredonia early in the morning, we pulled weeds once again. I am really good at pulling weeds, oddly enough I find it so satisfying when I get a good root. We then headed to a neighborhood to map out the area, we drove around drew all of the houses and corresponding house numbers. The first house we went to was a less-active woman in her forties who haven't been to church since she was 14. She has been praying a lot and thinking about coming back. She has a new baby and wants to be sealed in the temple for all time and eternity. She wants her husband to start going to church so that he may be able to join someday. She knows that he joins that they will be happier and will be able to go to the temple. We set up an appointment for the upcoming week so we can talk to her husband about temples and the blessings that come a long with it. She has a remarkable story that I will share with you when it isn't over the internet. She has come a long way! We had a leadership meeting with all ward council members, Elder Leavitt (Area Seventy Representative) and our mission president and wife. It was cool to hear the emphasize on missionary work among the ward council. 

Once again Wednesday morning we decided to go mapping again. It took us 2 hours to get half of the neighborhood but it is lookin' good. Oh neat! So, the fourth house we went to there was a box from the UPS that said "Julie Rogers" on it. I was like, "she is my favorite painter. She doesn't live here, maybe this person ordered one of her paintings." Then this woman answers the door and addresses herself as "Sister Rogers", I was like "wait a minute, like Julie Rogers" and she said yes... I was like NOOOO! You are my favorite painter, she was humbled and invited us in. Her home is like an art gallery with hundreds of paintings.. I was so in awe, I just stared at all of them. Find out that she is a returned sister missionary, she served in the Idaho Boise mission. She is even ore of my idol. She offered to give us a print of any of her paintings. I was already in heaven. She was showing us all of her paintings then we stopped at one of Esther from the Bible. I started to cry, I was so touched and I was instantly in love. I knew that that painting was meant for me. Esther has such an incredible meaning to me. I can't even explain it, I love it. 

We had a ward party that evening and had a ball. One of our less-active kids we are teaching brought a friend to meet us. That friend came to his lesson the next day and we will be seeing him tonight. 

I'm running out of time so I would love to talk about Friday and Sunday.

Friday morning was hectic, we couldn't get a hold of the other sisters to tell them that we want to meet at the entrance of Cane Beds road, we just hoped that they got our mission and left early in the morning. We had to get gas, then I see a silver, boxy vehicle in front of us. I was panicked and started to speed to catch up. Sure enough it was the other sisters, we tried calling, texting and honking! We tried everything to get their attention, our turn off was approaching quickly and they just drove right past it.... We eventually met up, but it was stressful. We had our zone training meeting on how to help people understand the importance of keeping the entire Sabbath day holy and not just attend church. Afterwards, we headed to lunch at CAPRIOTTIS! I got addicted ever since my first bite of July 2012. I ordered a twelve inch Bobbie and swallowed it in three minutes. The Bobbie consists of turkey, stuffing (my favorite), cranberry sauce and mayo. If you know me, you know I despise cranberry sauce and mayo. But it was I would describe Heaven in a sandwich. We then had our weekly planning then split off of the evening. My companion spent the evening in the visitor's center and I went out with Sister Potter and Lim into their area. I learned SO much from them, and grew to love them infinitely. They are so cute. We contacted people and call them unto repentance. It was fun. It was neat to watch how other missionaries are and make friends. It's hard to make friends when you live in the boonies.... We had to go to bed early because we had to wake up at four the next morning.

We woke up at four and I was full on energy, I was ready to conquer the day. We headed to the bus and had a very, very fast four hour bus ride to Salina. We arrived and I was anxious beyond belief. When Elder David A Bednar walked in the room, I was so overwhelmed with the spirit, joy and peace. I was so happy. Our three hour meeting wasn't what I expected, it was way neat. I thought it would be like General Conference where he talks to us and we just listen with joy in our heart. In preparation for this conference he asked us to read three of his talks, 'Converted unto the Lord', 'Ask in Faith' and 'Seek Learning by Faith'. He started out making us feel comfortable, then he asked us questions about what did we learn. I "jumped out of the boat", and explained to him what I learned. I told Elder David A Bednar... an apostle... what I learned from him... My heart was exploding out of my chest, I definitely conquered my fear, jumped out of my comfort zone and spoke from my heart. After we experience what we learn he asked us a question pertaining to what he did learn. It was so cool. Then towards the end we were able to ask HIM questions. Then him, his wife, Elder Clayton and his wife bore their testimonies and answered our questions. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will never forget. Afterwards we all got to shake their hands and hug their wifes. My tummy is hurting from happiness just reliving the memories. 

Yesterday my companion and I spoke about 'feasting' upon the words of Christ. We were given that topic because the brother who assigned us knew I loved food. It's no secret here in the Kaibab area. Goodness, I wish I had enough time to tell you all about my wonderful week. But I am out of time, so I would like to leave you with my testimony.

I know that God lives. I know that He knows me, loves me and cares for me. I know that Jesus is the Christ, my Redeemer and Savior. I know that the Atonement was made possible through him that I may be enabled and strengthen. I know that the Atonement is real and it has infinite and eternal power. I know that repentance is real, that is a glorious gift given to us from a loving Father in Heaven. I know that the strength I have and the courage I have is from God and if it wasn't for him I would be able to accomplish all that I do. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God who has been called to lead and guide the Church of Jesus Christ in these latter-days. I know that this gospel is true, I know that with all my heart. 

Sister Roth

Thursday, September 5, 2013


these are NOT in any order, basically just a bunch of the ones she has sent. (sorry it took so long, technical difficulties)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sorry, this email might be short, my journal still isn't here so I don't remember a lot without it. So much happens in so short of time. I'm almost to my six months, crazy! AHHH! You just have to survive that same amount of time, two more times. You got this, right?! 

People this week have been cancelling our appointments left and right, oh wells. That is why you make back-up plans. I've seen a lot of tender mercies that the Lord has given me. Some times our back up plans would be way better than our planned lessons. No matter what happens, I keep a smile on my face and my belly full of laughter. There is never a dull moment with my companion. We are becoming really good friends, she is still trying to convert me to Mesa. Not happening. We weeded someones garden this morning and I felt like I was going to die from heat stroke. 
Heat + Sister Roth = bad combination

I had an awkward encounter last week, I've been praying for the gift of discernment, still don't got it. We went to visit my favorite crazy lady, not like mentally crazy, she is just so entertaining, I love her. As a missionary you meet some of the most unique people, like today, I have met two great people. Goodness, I love my life. Seriously, I don't think I am ever going to return home. Anyway, we went to her home and it felt like a bad time, so I asked if they would like us to return, they said no and that they were just saying good-bye. I asked where they were going and they responded that they were heading up to North Dakota. Knowing me, you could guess what I would have said in this tender moment; "Why, there is nothing in North Dakota?". He responded and said that there was'one good thing' there. Found out his dad just passed away the day before in his sleep. Yup, I'm still really smooth. I got talent for how bad I am at discerning the needs of people.  

That evening we headed to Colorado City and met with my favorite family there. I had some questions to ask about their beliefs and the doctrine the Fundamentalist church teaches. As we all know now they all practice polygamy so of course, I had questions. I asked about how did they feel about people who don't practice plural marriage and what happens to all the people that don't practice. It was so cute, the Father asked "Do you really want to know?..I hate to tell you" He whips out the Doctrine and Covenants, flips to D&C 121 and reads what happens to those who don't practice plural marriage. After he reads it, he kept apologizing. It was cute. But we all have our own beliefs and entitled to our own opinions. Don't worry y'all, I won't be practicing plural marriage anytime soon. Not my forte. 

The next day we headed out to the middle of no where to invite everyone to a 'community gathering' this upcoming weekend and to map out the area. (Mapping consists of drawing out every house and writing who lives there.) We were in one car, Bishop & Sister Adair, Brody (Elder Quorum President) and Brother Finicum where in one car. Brother Finicums two daughers were on horses, so lucky! We all headed out to our designated spots in the area and passed out flyers. Bishop would page us ever so often to check up on us. We weren't in the best part of Cane Beds. If we didn't answer immediately he would always ask 'Sisters, Are you okay?" We were extremely safe, don't worry. It was really neat, to tract out the area with walkie talkies. We met a lot of people and a lot of really good potentials. Hopefully they will show up this weekend at the potluck. 

During the evening we had our weekly lesson with Conner, we invited him to go to mutual. We went for support, it was so neat. Afterwards he played basketball with the other kids and he was smiling the entire time. I felt like a mom! I was talking to one of the leaders and said "He looks happy, man, I feel like a mom" he responded and said, "You sound like one too." Motherly instincts, that's not bad, right? It was really cool though, it looked like he was really enjoying himself. 

Thursday was a wonderful yet busy day. We were in Hurricane for our weekly training meeting, only this week my companion and I taught it. It was a blast. We talked about how lending service is such a big blessing. We gathered different ways we can serve people in the community. We also talked about success stories we had by doing service. Really, I love serving people. When you serve people, you are happy and who doesn't want to be happy? That's right, everyone wants to be happy. If you are having a bad day and you want it to be better, go do something nice for something with a smile on your face. Fake it until you make it. But put your heart into it. 

That evening we had a lesson with a girl I have been trying to meet with since my very first transfer. MIRACLE. It went really well and we will be seeing her again this upcoming week. After that we picked up a Sister Training Leader so we can go on an exchange, it was a odd one. It was all three of us, it was a blast. We went to a garden party and it was super successful. We met so many people around the area and hopefully will be seeing two of them this week. This less-active woman showed up and it looked like she was making friends. It was so cool. 

We went onto our next appointment, TENDER MERCY! Greg was at his friends home and we all invited them to church thatSunday and they came! Sat right in front of us. 

Friday was our planning day, afterwards we checked the mail and there was a key. Sweet, I thought my package was here...  Nope, but something just as good. This lady we met at dinner a couple of weeks ago said she had a delicious mashed potato recipe, I asked if I could have it, gave her my address and then! She sent both my companion and I the recipe, along with a really cute recipe book with super cute recipe cards. We are so spoiled. 

That evening at dinner, I learned how to rope. I didn't catch anything... expect myself. I'm still working on it, it is way harder than it looks.

Sunday, Greg bore his testimony during sacrament. I was like a big baby and started to tear up. It was one of the neatest experiences that I have had so far. It was so neat, he has came along way since I gotten here in April. It is so cool to watch someone change their life to be aligned with the gospel.

-Sister Emily Roth

hei, hei, hei,

Work is going slow in the Kaibab area, but nevertheless the week has been full of tender mercies. Next weekend we are having our mission wide conference in Salina, UT. I am super duper exited, even though we are leaving at FIVE in the morning to load up in a bus full of missionaries, I am still excited. You heard me correctly, 5 AM! I have a hard time waking up at six, probably because I know I am heading to the track to run a few laps. I've been good at exercising in the morning, believe it or not.  We have been preparing for this mission conference by studying and applying a Christlike Attribute each week. On top of that we are to be very tidy, in our homes, cars, appearance and thoughts. We are also studying three talks by Elder David A. Bednar, I am praying and crossing my fingers that he is going to be the Apostle that will be speaking to us. I have what I like to call a spiritual crush on him, he is just so fantastic, a spiritual bomb!

I was studying 'Converted unto the Lord' this morning. It was about the difference between a testimony and conversion. As I was pondering this talk this morning, I was thinking about how I feel like my testimony isn't that strong. A Testimony is the building block the foundation of a conversion. Conversion when you have a mighty change in heart, you change your thought, your will, your desires to be aligned with the will of the Lord. That you will be able to give up an unrighteous desires and turn them into righteous desires. As I was reflecting back to the past twenty months that I have been a member of the church, I realize that some of my actions seem bizarre and random. But as I take a step back and see how I ended up here and what my life could have been and what it is now, I know that it is because I was being guided. There are somethings I wish I would have done differently, I wish that I would have been trying to become more Christlike, think about my actions more and aligned my will with the Lord. I wish I was more of an integral person, I wish I was more outgoing, more spiritually in-tuned and had more self-mastery. Sometimes I wish things would have ended up differently, but I know that they were stepping blocks to make me think about myself and my character. It is helping me shape myself into someone better, someone that God would be proud of. Who I in return would be proud of. I meet a lot of people, and I have wonderful influences in my life that I see and I pick the things I like in each person and try in incorporate it into my own life.

I ran out of pages in my journal this week and it would be another week until I get the one I ordered from the local bookstore.  I am really good at keeping a journal, well... until lately. I will be sending my current one home in a couple of weeks, make sure to read all of the good stuff.

Wednesday, we went and spoke at New Beginnings for the Young Women's program, it was neat because I felt like I was not a convert anymore but I have been a member my whole life. I finished three values in my personal progress so I received three ribbons for my scriptures, they look really good in my scriptures. The wards here are small with large boundaries. We have a lot of less-active members here, we are working one by one on reactivating them and helping them remember the joy they receive from the gospel. The gospel makes me so happy! Seriously, if it wasn't for constant communication with my Heavenly Father through prayer, ability to read the scriptures everyday and singing hymns of praise, I don't know if I could get through the day! While I was reading about that talk from the previous paragraphs I was thinking about what would happen if I because a less-active, well one, before you get scared I don't see that happen. But in the smallest atom of possibility I was thinking about the consequences and what I would do. That's why I came to the conclusion it couldn't happen. I would be so miserable. Ahh! I can't even imagine, but when I was trying to this morning, I was thinking about what my life would be like. I realized that I wouldn't have that spirit of joy in me. I wouldn't be able to have this smile that is constantly plastered on my face. I am just so happy all of the time. I know it is because of the gospel! You should try it sometime! At least try to pray, if you don't know how, ask me, I can teach you!

Oh, I lassoed a dog. We were contacting a referral in a single wider trailer, (details necessary, not doggin' on anyone's living situations(get it, doggin')), the dogs were very unsanitary, I wanted to get them a bathe. They looked like they were hoarders a small path way led up the the porch. I was trying to stay away from the dogs because they were so dirty, they ended up not being home so we opened the gate to return back to our car. Well, one of the dogs escaped, I went after the dog, it first started out walking then ending up running full sprint when it realized it was free. My companion was trying to close the gate, I was chasing the dog in the mud; it was raining previously that morning. The dog was too fast for me, so I took my purse off my shoulder and threw it at the dog. I missed but it stopped and looked at me. I tried to herd it back to the gate but it didn't budge, I ended up picking it up and taking it back. It was one of those moments where you wish you had a video of it.

On Thursday, we visited a part-member family, if anything phrase doesn't make sense, make sure you email me and ask me. The husband isn't a member but is nice, so that is always a treat. Well, I guess he likes us and didn't like the previous missionaries, that what they told their visiting teacher. It makes me feel good to hear that someone likes me! I mean, I think I am a hoot and pretty dang' cool but that's probably it. That morning was our weekly district training meeting in Hurricane, we ended up role-playing on how to use the scriptures to address someones concern. We got the most ridiculous situation, the woman believed that Jesus is an elephant.... We were like WHAT?! We have the most interesting people here in Southern Utah, we tried our best, but it was definitely a different situation.

This weekend was a yearly festival for Kanab called Western Legends, it is to honor all of the old western movies that were filmed here. We went contacting all Saturday, I got a nice little sun burn and a great ring tan. We contacted a lot of people, we also ended up talking to a lot of members. It was like every other person we walked into was a member of the Church. It was neat though, we couldn't go tracting because, every one and anyone in town was here. So if you were driving through town, I'm sure you saw me. My companion and I found a map of Kanab down my the tourism building, we stopped prayed and picked out five streets to go tracting in, we matched up three. Tomorrow we are going to go tracting in these neighborhoods, hopefully we will have success.

A couple of months ago, way back in May I spoke at a youth missionary fireside. I posed a challenge and asked all of the youth to give a Book of Mormon away to a less-active member or a non-member with their testimony in it. After taught one of the classes we taught yesterday this super cute girl comes up to me and told me that she did it! It was so cool! She was way excited about it and so was I. The person she gave that Book of Mormon to is now enrolled in seminary and we will be meeting with her this upcoming week! Miracles. Miracles.

We have a family of four girls getting baptized in the upcoming weeks, during their lesson last night it was super spiritual. The mom, stepped up and voice her concerns to the girls and I told them what I hoped for them and how much I loved them. I am so excited because they are sincerely trying to become closer to Christ. They get so excited when they talk about something they learned from Sunday School or from the scriptures. I love and adore them. I am hoping I will be here for the baptism, I remember the day I knocked on their door in April. The grandfather was passing away and they invited us to come back in a couple of weeks. We went there in the middle of May and they said it was like an answer to their prayers. SO COOL!

GREG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realized his testimony last Sunday! We have a deal where we are both going to bear our testimonies this upcoming fast Sunday! It was a wonderful lesson, he is now going to work on receiving the priesthood. We went over on our normal Thursday evening and he was like "oh yeah, I finally realized I have a testimony..." WHHHAT! I was so in shock I just stared at him... He is just so great. I don't want to brag but something he said to me made me so joyous, he said that if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have quit chewing and he probably wouldn't continue meeting with us. He said I give the right amount of push, but it is with love! I love being a missionary. I love the confidence and the words to say that God gives me. I love being able to be a mouthpiece and instruament in His hands! GOD LOVES ME! He loves you. I love you and I love God!

Life is great. I love you all and miss you dearly. I hope you all have a wonderful upcoming week.

Sister Emily Roth
I have a confession to make I have an obsession with Nutella, I carry a little container with me everywhere I go with a plastic spoon. The only problem is.... I ran out. It was devastating. I fell in love with Nutella a mere two weeks ago, it will be another three days until I can get my little hands on another container. Monday's are the worse day of the week, all I do is eat and eat, and then I eat some more. You will have to roll me around when I return home. Don't worry too much I am implementing an exercise and eating program as soon as I can figure one out.

This week hasn't been the most spiritual week but no doubt it has been a good week full of interesting and wonderful events. As you all know the work is going slow right now. Door after door, referral after referral people keep turning us down. People think they have the right to be rude because they are from Southern Utah so they know everything and anything about Mormons.We just keep having a smile on our hearts and on our face.

While contacting former investigators we ran into Adele who is a Catholic and never let missionaries in her home before. We were trying to find someone else but has moved recently. We must of said the right thing because she let us in for a few moments. We have an opportunity to tell her a little bit more of what we believe and in exchange she shared more what she believed. It was going good until her friend came along and we had to leave. It was neat though because she kept repeating "I've never done this before..."

It was my companions twenty-first birthday on Wednesday, I helped her celebrate by pulling weeds for a lady in Cane Beds. It was hard work. Seriously, this was not like a garden weeds, those weeds were taller than me. We were sweating out in the Arizona heat. Afterwards we headed to Colorado City to see a family we visit. They weren't home, so we gave them a call, they were up the hill in their Uncles home, she invited us over. As we drove up the hill, there was a giant brick home with a eight foot privacy wall and "Zion" over all the doors. We both were really confused and a little intimidated to go in. We are not allowed to go to home like that because that generally means that they still belong to the Fundamentalist church. We decided that we were going to give it a try, turns out she was waiting for us at the door. We walked in and notice something different about this home compared to others we have been to in Colorado City, it was cold, not like temperature but like Spirit wise. It was an odd feeling. We helped the children with their school work while the mother did laundry. Work in Colorado City is much different because we aren't supposed to proselyte. But we were able to talk a bit about the Gospel. The Bishop invited them to church and they went! FOR ALL THREE HOURS!

The best day was Thursday, we had our weekly district training meeting in Hurricane, but this time it was different. Our mission president and his wife joined us for our meeting. I love my district, so many personalities and we work hard but enjoy it at the same time. The Elders in the district made my companion a birthday card and cookies to enjoy after the meeting. President and I had a meeting together afterwards then we headed back to Kanab. This time was different, us six didn't pile in the mini van and drive back together. My companion and I went back with our mission president and wife. We had alone time with them for three hours! They visited almost our entire area, our are is huge. We went down to Moccasin, Kaibab, Red Hills and Juniper.... Try to find those on a map... You won't. Well two of them you might. It was so cool, so cool to be able to just talk in an informal setting. I forgot the second best part! We are going to be having a sleepover on September 6th, because we are going to be having a mission wide conference in Salina the next day! One of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are going to be speaking to us! We are going to travel up there in a bus! HOW COOL! All of the missionaries in one place, sleepover and an Apostle! Yes, our mission is the best. Which means dad, that I need cute new clothes : )

The day gets even better. We had another super spiritual experience that evening with Greg. We had a lesson about how can we strengthen our testimonies, Greg has a testimony he just can't recognize it due to doubt and lack of confidence. The spirit just took over all the words I was saying, it was so neat. I honestly felt like being a mouthpiece for God. He has changed so much since the first day I met with him. He has been coming to church, reading his scriptures, and praying. He has more confidence and QUIT chewing tobacco. Someone said to me and it was the greatest compliment "Sister Roth, you are here for Greg!" That's what I feel like, I feel like I am still here in this area for him. It is so neat to see his growth in the Gospel and the love I have for him to grow and everyone else I have the privilege to serve.

Saturday I decided to fast for a friend who is very dear to me, the hardest part about fasting while being a missionary is that members always try to feed us. We were in a lesson, and I just started my fast and they offered me a cookie. First of all I forgot I was fasting so I just started to eat it, then I can't taste any of my food because I can't breathe because I am sick now. I've been eating for two days without tasting my food, do you know how sad that is! I've been eating good looking food as well, I don't know if it tasted good...

Oh, my companion and I spoke in one of our wards yesterday! It was probably my second best talk, my first best talk was at Stake Conference, you all should have been there! Anyway, my topic was about 'How does the Savior Forgive?'... I have no problem or fear about public speaking, I actually enjoy it.

My companion and I are really great friends, we love each other and we have a really good time together.

I received my first letter in three weeks on Saturday. It was a hoot. We went to the mailbox and there was three envelopes, I handed them all to my companion because I don't get mail so I don't expect any when we go. So she was like "NO! Do you know who this is!?" I looked at the return address, there wasn't any but a name. We were like freaking out in the middle of the post office, we opened it right there and read it. We were frantic, in shock and laughing so hard. That someone randomly wrote me after only meeting me once. If only I had a return address....

-Sister Roth

FINALLY, an update.

starting from the first week of august, up to now.

there are TONS of photos she has been sending (the majority of emails lately have been photos), except every time i save them, they disappear, so i'll have to keep working on that. but eventually they will be posted as well.
( Emily, when you can finally read this, i am so sorry i am the worst blog sitter, ever ever.)


We got our transfer calls on Saturday, I'm so sad that my companion is leaving me to go up north to Green River. After she tells people where she is going the reply is always the same, "They have good watermelon". The sad thing is, is that she can't eat watermelon. But I think it is a Spanish area so we are excited for her. We were really hoping to stay together. I get my new companion tomorrow morning. I am really nervous about that.

This week feels like it has been the longest week ever. We played Frisbee again last Monday, it was a blast. Frisbee is a really fun work out, in-case (Joe, the computer put the hyphen there, I don't know if it's right) you need a new way to work out. Jessica, I would love to play beach Frisbee with you on the gorgeous Ferdinanda Beach. June 2015? I went to order photos to send home but the printer wasn't working so I will send photos next week.

We did a lot of tracting this week, which means we went from door to door. Almost every house we went to ended up being a less-active member and not interested or an active member of the church. Life of a missionary in Southern Utah is hard work. We have been dealing with a lot of less-actives and trying to get them back to the temple. We are thinking about holding a Temple Fireside for everyone in the community. My new companion and I will be planning that. I was also thinking this morning about holding a missionary fireside for the Priests and Laurels in the church. Meaning the sixteen to eighteen year old.

We spoke at a Relief Society fireside on Tuesday. It was all about "bee"ing a member missionary. It was so cute, it was bee themed. The ladies who decorated it did a wonderful job. We spoke about how to "bee" a member missionary by doing simple things. Such as inviting some one over from family home evening, dinner,

I officially know almost every single soul in Fredonia, Moccasin, Kaibab, and Jacob's Lake. So there's that.

I have been practicing singing every chance I can get. Funny story: We were knocking on a door and a cat came up, of course I went to pet it. The ear looked like it was flipped backwards so I was like "Let me fix your ear..." Then I noticed it was gone so I was like "I can't because you don't have one". My companion almost peed her skirt she was laughing so hard at me.

We went to visit an older gentlemen this week he just had a quadruple bypass surgery last week. He is doing very well, has a gnarly scar though. He was holding onto his heart pillow and exclaiming how he is suppose to be holding it so he won't use his hands, then he reaches to the cookie jar and hands us six of them. He is too funny. You all would like him. He is one of four men who gives me hugs. Speaking of hugs my companion got one from our Bishop yesterday, I have been waiting 18 weeks for that hug and still haven't received one. She has been here for 6 weeks.... Oooooh, I will get one, one day.

We have been implementing what we are learning in our trainings in our teaching, we are starting to read the Book of Mormon with people and I see a big difference in how they receive knowledge from reading.

Yesterday we went out to Moccasin for church, the road is completely gone so they made a gravel road down in the wash so it was fun to drive on that. We went to Colorado City afterwards to have lunch and go to church with another family. Their church is based in Canada, it is just like our church, it is so neat. More of that in my journal, I will be mailing it home in two-three weeks so you can read all my spiritual experiences and what not.

-Sister Roth