Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sorry, this email might be short, my journal still isn't here so I don't remember a lot without it. So much happens in so short of time. I'm almost to my six months, crazy! AHHH! You just have to survive that same amount of time, two more times. You got this, right?! 

People this week have been cancelling our appointments left and right, oh wells. That is why you make back-up plans. I've seen a lot of tender mercies that the Lord has given me. Some times our back up plans would be way better than our planned lessons. No matter what happens, I keep a smile on my face and my belly full of laughter. There is never a dull moment with my companion. We are becoming really good friends, she is still trying to convert me to Mesa. Not happening. We weeded someones garden this morning and I felt like I was going to die from heat stroke. 
Heat + Sister Roth = bad combination

I had an awkward encounter last week, I've been praying for the gift of discernment, still don't got it. We went to visit my favorite crazy lady, not like mentally crazy, she is just so entertaining, I love her. As a missionary you meet some of the most unique people, like today, I have met two great people. Goodness, I love my life. Seriously, I don't think I am ever going to return home. Anyway, we went to her home and it felt like a bad time, so I asked if they would like us to return, they said no and that they were just saying good-bye. I asked where they were going and they responded that they were heading up to North Dakota. Knowing me, you could guess what I would have said in this tender moment; "Why, there is nothing in North Dakota?". He responded and said that there was'one good thing' there. Found out his dad just passed away the day before in his sleep. Yup, I'm still really smooth. I got talent for how bad I am at discerning the needs of people.  

That evening we headed to Colorado City and met with my favorite family there. I had some questions to ask about their beliefs and the doctrine the Fundamentalist church teaches. As we all know now they all practice polygamy so of course, I had questions. I asked about how did they feel about people who don't practice plural marriage and what happens to all the people that don't practice. It was so cute, the Father asked "Do you really want to know?..I hate to tell you" He whips out the Doctrine and Covenants, flips to D&C 121 and reads what happens to those who don't practice plural marriage. After he reads it, he kept apologizing. It was cute. But we all have our own beliefs and entitled to our own opinions. Don't worry y'all, I won't be practicing plural marriage anytime soon. Not my forte. 

The next day we headed out to the middle of no where to invite everyone to a 'community gathering' this upcoming weekend and to map out the area. (Mapping consists of drawing out every house and writing who lives there.) We were in one car, Bishop & Sister Adair, Brody (Elder Quorum President) and Brother Finicum where in one car. Brother Finicums two daughers were on horses, so lucky! We all headed out to our designated spots in the area and passed out flyers. Bishop would page us ever so often to check up on us. We weren't in the best part of Cane Beds. If we didn't answer immediately he would always ask 'Sisters, Are you okay?" We were extremely safe, don't worry. It was really neat, to tract out the area with walkie talkies. We met a lot of people and a lot of really good potentials. Hopefully they will show up this weekend at the potluck. 

During the evening we had our weekly lesson with Conner, we invited him to go to mutual. We went for support, it was so neat. Afterwards he played basketball with the other kids and he was smiling the entire time. I felt like a mom! I was talking to one of the leaders and said "He looks happy, man, I feel like a mom" he responded and said, "You sound like one too." Motherly instincts, that's not bad, right? It was really cool though, it looked like he was really enjoying himself. 

Thursday was a wonderful yet busy day. We were in Hurricane for our weekly training meeting, only this week my companion and I taught it. It was a blast. We talked about how lending service is such a big blessing. We gathered different ways we can serve people in the community. We also talked about success stories we had by doing service. Really, I love serving people. When you serve people, you are happy and who doesn't want to be happy? That's right, everyone wants to be happy. If you are having a bad day and you want it to be better, go do something nice for something with a smile on your face. Fake it until you make it. But put your heart into it. 

That evening we had a lesson with a girl I have been trying to meet with since my very first transfer. MIRACLE. It went really well and we will be seeing her again this upcoming week. After that we picked up a Sister Training Leader so we can go on an exchange, it was a odd one. It was all three of us, it was a blast. We went to a garden party and it was super successful. We met so many people around the area and hopefully will be seeing two of them this week. This less-active woman showed up and it looked like she was making friends. It was so cool. 

We went onto our next appointment, TENDER MERCY! Greg was at his friends home and we all invited them to church thatSunday and they came! Sat right in front of us. 

Friday was our planning day, afterwards we checked the mail and there was a key. Sweet, I thought my package was here...  Nope, but something just as good. This lady we met at dinner a couple of weeks ago said she had a delicious mashed potato recipe, I asked if I could have it, gave her my address and then! She sent both my companion and I the recipe, along with a really cute recipe book with super cute recipe cards. We are so spoiled. 

That evening at dinner, I learned how to rope. I didn't catch anything... expect myself. I'm still working on it, it is way harder than it looks.

Sunday, Greg bore his testimony during sacrament. I was like a big baby and started to tear up. It was one of the neatest experiences that I have had so far. It was so neat, he has came along way since I gotten here in April. It is so cool to watch someone change their life to be aligned with the gospel.

-Sister Emily Roth

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