Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FINALLY, an update.

starting from the first week of august, up to now.

there are TONS of photos she has been sending (the majority of emails lately have been photos), except every time i save them, they disappear, so i'll have to keep working on that. but eventually they will be posted as well.
( Emily, when you can finally read this, i am so sorry i am the worst blog sitter, ever ever.)


We got our transfer calls on Saturday, I'm so sad that my companion is leaving me to go up north to Green River. After she tells people where she is going the reply is always the same, "They have good watermelon". The sad thing is, is that she can't eat watermelon. But I think it is a Spanish area so we are excited for her. We were really hoping to stay together. I get my new companion tomorrow morning. I am really nervous about that.

This week feels like it has been the longest week ever. We played Frisbee again last Monday, it was a blast. Frisbee is a really fun work out, in-case (Joe, the computer put the hyphen there, I don't know if it's right) you need a new way to work out. Jessica, I would love to play beach Frisbee with you on the gorgeous Ferdinanda Beach. June 2015? I went to order photos to send home but the printer wasn't working so I will send photos next week.

We did a lot of tracting this week, which means we went from door to door. Almost every house we went to ended up being a less-active member and not interested or an active member of the church. Life of a missionary in Southern Utah is hard work. We have been dealing with a lot of less-actives and trying to get them back to the temple. We are thinking about holding a Temple Fireside for everyone in the community. My new companion and I will be planning that. I was also thinking this morning about holding a missionary fireside for the Priests and Laurels in the church. Meaning the sixteen to eighteen year old.

We spoke at a Relief Society fireside on Tuesday. It was all about "bee"ing a member missionary. It was so cute, it was bee themed. The ladies who decorated it did a wonderful job. We spoke about how to "bee" a member missionary by doing simple things. Such as inviting some one over from family home evening, dinner,

I officially know almost every single soul in Fredonia, Moccasin, Kaibab, and Jacob's Lake. So there's that.

I have been practicing singing every chance I can get. Funny story: We were knocking on a door and a cat came up, of course I went to pet it. The ear looked like it was flipped backwards so I was like "Let me fix your ear..." Then I noticed it was gone so I was like "I can't because you don't have one". My companion almost peed her skirt she was laughing so hard at me.

We went to visit an older gentlemen this week he just had a quadruple bypass surgery last week. He is doing very well, has a gnarly scar though. He was holding onto his heart pillow and exclaiming how he is suppose to be holding it so he won't use his hands, then he reaches to the cookie jar and hands us six of them. He is too funny. You all would like him. He is one of four men who gives me hugs. Speaking of hugs my companion got one from our Bishop yesterday, I have been waiting 18 weeks for that hug and still haven't received one. She has been here for 6 weeks.... Oooooh, I will get one, one day.

We have been implementing what we are learning in our trainings in our teaching, we are starting to read the Book of Mormon with people and I see a big difference in how they receive knowledge from reading.

Yesterday we went out to Moccasin for church, the road is completely gone so they made a gravel road down in the wash so it was fun to drive on that. We went to Colorado City afterwards to have lunch and go to church with another family. Their church is based in Canada, it is just like our church, it is so neat. More of that in my journal, I will be mailing it home in two-three weeks so you can read all my spiritual experiences and what not.

-Sister Roth

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